I think in albums, here they are…

The Only Light I Know (2020)

The pandemic show. I was missing someone. Cameras, stage lights, sound, no audience. How do you play a concert like this? Do I talk into the cameras? Guess I’ll play this as if I were at home. New songs are written, changes will happen. No one to swoon here on this stage. Two minutes to show time – guitar and pedals checked an hour ago. I look up, blinded by the the only light I know…

These Are The Parts (2017)

Between life as a hitchhiking busker in the streets of Europe and chasing that sound in my twenties, I have recorded and produced these eight songs in autumn and winter 2016/17, mostly in my Berlin bedroom-studio, with the idea to create something that feels very close to what happened on stage in those years. Guitar-based, but with a thicker, layered sound, and a narrative journey from the first wound to the beginning of healing.

When We Talk About Love (2015)

This album came to life in the winter of 2014/15 in a big old house in the middle of nowhere, while I was madly in love. Going back to my musical beginnings, these 9 songs only got the treatment of the acoustic guitar and the piano. In the process they grew a question that seemed to connect them: What is it that we actually talk about when we talk about love?

White Noise (2014)

White Noise was recorded between September 2013 and February 2014, in Hamburg and Berlin, with producer Bryan Pugh from New York City, drummer Mirko Näger-Guckeisen and bassist Rafael Zyska, Berliners then. We locked ourselves up in the studio and in our bedrooms, and went for the full band thing: drums, bass, electric guitars and piano. These 7 songs have survived the streets of Europe, many adventures, and their first recordings in the years before The Night Gardener…

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